Good-ish Q1 for Government Pension Investment Fund

GPIF enjoyed a time weighted return of 1.85% in the April-June period when it beat the benchmarks on two of its four portfolio components. While it lost 1.48% on the 51.55% it holds in domestic bonds that is still 0.03% better than the -1.51%  benchmark.GPIF assets at June 2013

At the end of the quarter,  the first of the 2013/14 financial year, the Fund had assets of 121.01 trillion yen.

Other returns for the term were:  on the 15.73% that GPIF has in domestic stocks 9.7% against a 9.77% benchmark making it 0.07% off, on the 10.03% it has in international bonds 4.01% against a 4.23% benchmark for an underperformance of 0.22%, and on its 12.90% in international stocks 6.14% compared with a benchmark 6. 05% or 0.09% up.

On 28 June 2014 US$1= 99.170 yen

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