Steady Q2 for business and allocations at Tokyo fund managers

Tokyo’s asset management firms enjoyed a steady second quarter, figures from the Japan Investment Advisors Association show, with mandates in issue up 1.3% to 7,319 and assets under management rising 3.0% to 2,285,192 billion yen with a good part of that gain coming from rising stock markets at home and abroad.   Text continues below table

The numbers for domestic mandates cover mostly pensions business but that segment accounts for only around 6% of the business from abroad. Text continues below table

At the close of the quarter on 30 September each mandate in issue covered an average of 312.2bn yen in assets but the wide difference remains between those awarded by public pensions (including the Government Pensions Investment Fund which handles  the contributions of the populace to the national basic pension) and those from company-based schemes.

Each public mandate represented assets of 201.9bn yen at the end of the term compared with 6.2bn yen for each private mandate. However the fees on the former are wafer-thin.

Asset allocation also held steady with a slight rundown of amounts in ‘short-term’ investments except for those in Asia which rose mightily but from a very low base.

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